Why are Electronic Cigarettes Better than Conventional Ones?

Electronic cigarettes have become more popular over the past few years as they have become more widely used, more companies are jumping on board creating them and things like smoking legislation are making it much harder for smokers to indulge in their habit! Electronic cigarettes may have their problems-notably the fact that many of them are not standardized and there little legislation over how they are manufactured-but they also have several advantages. Why are electronic cigarettes considered to be so much better than conventional ones even taking into account problems in manufacturing?

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  1. Clean


One of the big advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are clean; they have no odor, there are no ash and cigarette burns to worry about and there are few, if any, pollutants clogging up the air around smokers. There is no fear of having a house or car or clothing smell disgusting, no ash piles lying around and no burns to worry about.


  1. Convenient

If you’re a smoker, you’ve seen them: No Smoking Signs. And they are growing in number as more and more businesses are making sure to minimize the impact smokers have on those who don’t smoke. And this is all very fine and well, but it makes it hard for smokers to get around. Electronic cigarettes get rid of this problem; they are (generally) legal to smoke just about anywhere at the moment and they are safer to be around. But you may want to make sure that the people who own the business know that you are smoking e-cigs and not real ones because at first glance, they look awfully real.


  1. Price


Electronic cigarettes are simply cheaper than their conventional counterparts. Depending on which brand you go for, you can save thousands of dollars a year. This is because electronic cigarettes use rechargeable batteries which can last hundreds and thousands of hours and all you have to replace are the canisters which have the fluid that turns to vapor when you light the LED. Some packs for example have cigarettes that alone are worth a pack in terms of puff numbers. So, if you’ve been buying smokes at $12.00 a pop and you switch to e-cigs, you are effectively paying about as little as one sixth that.


  1. Flavor

No more flavor of ash and smoke; instead, many e-cigs have other flavors. As of 2011 and beyond, companies came out with other flavors including mint, chocolate and butter rum. Or you can just opt for a rich flavored e-cigarette; whatever floats your boat. Either way, you can get a product that doesn’t taste like nicotine!


Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity and with all of these advantages, one can certainly see why. Still, it’s important to shop around and find e-cigarettes that fit your needs and your preferences. There are plenty to choose from nowadays and that means you have options, so take advantage of them and take smoking to a safer place. Enjoy!

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