Which Celebrities Use E-Cigs

If there’s a bandwagon, you can be sure that the people leading it and jumping on it, at least to begin with, will be the celebrities-the musicians, bands, and actors who have the ability to access new gimmicks, tools and trends more easily than the common layman. And electronic cigarettes are no different. E-cigs debuted in the world in about 2006 and now it is believed that sales could reach $2 billion by the end of the year with some analysts believing that within a generation, they will completely eclipse tobacco as the new way to get a nicotine fix. And the average consumer is hardly the only one being targeted; celebrities of all names and flavors are seen sporting their e-cig devices too, with some of them hopping on board quite early on and others seeing them as a safe alternative to tobacco and a way to avoid social stigma, particularly those with kids. Plenty of celebrities have been caught on camera lighting up, usually for a variety of reasons.


Starting-and Stopping-Controversy


katherine Heigl ecigWay back in 2008, Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up), kicked up a small stink in the gossip headlines when she lit up on the Late Show with David Letterman. At the time, it was seen as something good for the gossip mills to chew over; e-cigs were still pretty new. Fast forward to later years and we see Britney Spears smoking one in lieu of the more dangerous tobacco which she was smoking around her kids and causing a stink over. With e-cigs, she doesn’t have to worry about her smoking habits causing gossip mills to explode anyway. Other parents who have kicked tobacco to the curb include Kevin Federline (Spears’ ex-husband).britneyspears with e cig


Gotta Quit


While many critics of electronic cigarettes point out that despite marketing, they are rarely used to quit smoking outright but instead to replace tobacco in places where they are not allowed to Lindsey Lohansmoke or to cut down on tobacco use (and this is true enough for many smokers), there are some celebs who are using them to quit tobacco altogether. These include Simon Cowell who swapped his love of tobacco for a love of vaping in order to kick the bad habit. Lindsay Lohan has also been spotted using them while under house arrest and working on improving her health.


They Made Me Do It!


leogreensmokeSome celebrities have gotten into electronic cigarettes because others have given it to them and got them ‘hooked’. For example, Leondardo DiCaprio has been using Green Smoke for a few years now and was roped into them when he was given one at the British Film Awards. Isla Fisher and Bradley Cooper were introduced to them at the 2013 Oscars by Zoe Kravitz.


Building a Business of Them


Some celebs aren’t content to simply use their devices, some are marketing them and others are building their own brands. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have been taking the pages out of the playbook of marketing strategies for decades; get the most visible people in society on your side and you get society on your side. The problem of marketing is one for another day; suffice to say that e-cigs are perfectly free to advertise on places like television, billboards and become sponsors of sports. For example, NJOY and Blu Ecigs advertise on television, LOGIC has mobile billboards and Swisher International sponsors race cards and the World Series of Poker. And they use celebrities as well. For example, Courtney Love took part in an advertising campaign for NJOY; a televised ad which saw her vaping at an indoor event. Jose Canseco advertises with Smoking Everywhere and is a proud user of electronic cigarettes in general.

courtney love

Other celebs aren’t content to simply shill for their favorite brands; they are making their own. For example, Charlie Sheen unveiled his own company NicoSheen which sells e-cigarettes with his face on the packaging.


Flavored Brands


Although there are many, many brands of ecigs out there, there are some favored few that float to the top. They are favored because they look good, don’t smell bad, don’t make a mess, are easy to use and can satisfy the nicotine craving. These flavored ones include:



Of course, there are countless other brands out there now and more growing all the time, but these five are considered to be some of the better ones and are most likely to be used by a variety of celebs.


Does this mean that you should race out and buy electronic cigarettes? Well, to pull out an old saying, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Although e-cigs are snapping up the attention of actors, musicians and stars, this does not necessarily mean they are right for you or right at all. It’s important to do your own research, understand your own needs, and do what you can to take care of your health. Still, it’s interesting to see how many celebrities have hopped onto this particular bandwagon and their reasons for doing it.














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