The Dangers of Modified Electronic Cigarettes

When you have any sort of product or service, you’ll invariably end up with a sub-culture of users who like to tweak the product to fit their needs better. Plenty of video games have this sub-culture, as do cooks, seamstresses and pretty well any other group! Electronic cigarette users are no different; while there are many who purchase from reputable companies, there are also those who create their own ‘modded’ e-cigarettes because it’s cheaper to do.

How Modified E-Cigarettes Work

People create Mod E-cigarettes to bring down the cost of the product. They do this by purchasing individual pieces of the e-cigs online (usually from China) and then assemble and smoke the modified e-cigarette themselves. You can also create your own e-cigarette ‘juice’ to create custom flavors or simply make a more custom e-cig that is truly your own.

The Dangers of Modded E-Cigarettes

It sounds good on paper, but modified e-cigarettes have some problems. The big problem is that they aren’t being built with any sort of safety standard in mind or any standards at all; instead, you’re building them yourself and if you do something wrong, they could-quite literally-blow up in your face. Most people who discuss the creation of e-cigs state quite clearly that people who make them do so at their own risk.

Certainly you can learn how to make e-cigarettes on your own; there are plenty of resources out there to teach you. However, unless you do it just right, you can end up with a product that doesn’t work or can even poison you. And of course, if something goes wrong, there is no one to complain to or any help for you.

Electronic cigarettes aren’t all that expensive anyway and more flavors are coming out all of the time. It’s worth your health to pay a few extra dollars for an e-cigarette that will work as advertised like Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, won’t risk your health and has been fully tested. It may be fun to create your own products and create your own liquids, but the fact is that it is still far safer to go with a reputable company, not to save a few bucks and make your own.

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