Joyetech Electronic Cigarette Review | Refillable E Cig

AJoytech ego t and c starter kitre you making the switch from the usual cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? That’s pretty cool; you won’t have to deal with being kicked out of public buildings, the smell penetrating everything, the ash all over the place and the general social stigma which comes from smoking a cigarette. However, you have a lot of options now and while, hey, options, cool; it can be rather dizzying at the same time! If you’re serious about kicking the old tobacco habit and replacing it with something safer, then you’re doing your homework into electronic cigarettes and a good place to start is with the Joyetech electronic cigarettes. This company has so much to offer its customers and it’s well worth trying out. So what can you look forward to besides a better smell and cleaner air?

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So Many Options!

Joyetech offers a ton of electronic cigarette systems and within those systems, a ton of swanky options. Take the eVic-it’s a ‘smart cigarette’ which does things like give you a visual operating screen, lets you set the stick for X number of puffs, lets you set the voltage and lets you control your machine with computer software. Cool! And even the most basic ones are portable, protect themselves from being overcharged and can be charged up in different ways, from a wall socket to your computer. It couldn’t be easier!

And oh hey, what about the eGo-C which gives you the first clearomizer – the device shows you exactly how much liquid you have left in your device so you’re never left wondering. It is the updated version of the popular eGo-C which gives you plenty of changeability, double air circulation system and protection against short circuiting. They’re both great!

Still not enough customization? (Kinda picky aren’t ya?!) Joyetech also offers a number of flavored liquids for their products so that you can really create the e-cigarette experience you want. These include three broad categories: tobacco, fruit and other and within those niches you have:

  • Tobacco-USA mix

  • Tobacco-French Mix

  • Tobacco-China

  • Strawberry

  • Banana

  • Kiwi

  • Vanilla

  • Coffee

  • Whiskey

And that’s just to name a few! Each flavor can come with up to 16mg of nicotine or you can go nicotine free if you’re trying to kick the habit. So you can pick your e-cigarette and pick your flavors and pick where you want to charge it. It’s truly YOUR cigarette!

What Do I Get?

  e-Vic starter kit

Joyetech electronic cigarettes have a bit more to them than many other e-cigs. An e-Vic starter kit comes with quite a few parts, not just the two screw together ones that other companies have. You get a control head, a battery tube, a changeable atomizer and a front cap; they’re all interchangeable and you can replace one of the parts if it wears out before the others without a problem. In the long run, this actually makes the product more cost effective since you won’t have to replace the whole system if your control head conks out. You also of course get the USB cable and wall adaptor. At over $100.00 for the eVic system, it’s quite an investment, though it’s also a solid piece.

If you want something less tricked out, the eRoll comes with the atomizer cone, atomizer head, batteries, three cartridges, the USB charger and a wall charger and a portable charging case and a manual and it’s less than $100.00.

The eGo-C is in the middle at almost exactly $100.00. It contains two atomizer bodies, atomizer heads, 5 cartridges, 2 batteries, a wall charger, user parts and a pouch. The eGo-CC comes with a changeable atomizer head, the clearomizer and is compatible with batteries in the eGo series. It’s not as cheap as the eRoll, but it is cheaper than the eGo-C and the eVic since it doesn’t have as many extras.

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If you just want to try the system out, we’d recommend the eRoll, but if you’re a heavy duty smoker, the eVic is a better investment.

Joyetech brings a lot of, well, joy (come on, it was inevitable!) to its uses. With so many options, several products, plenty of ways to charge your product and a ton of flavored liquids, this is the way to go if you want an electronic cigarette that is all your own. Give it a try today and see what a joy kicking conventional cigarettes is! I personally still use my Ego -c on a daily basis because of the ease of refilling with custom juices using a c4-5 tank.