Green Smoke Review | Best E Cig Flavor

I’d have my Green Smoke kit for quite some time, I’ve tried so many brands by now and I always come back to Green Smokes Red label or their mocha. They’ve spent a lot of time developing their flavors and it shows in the product. They aren’t perfect and sometimes the quality of the taste vanishes before you think it’s empty. I personally been going back and forth from using a joytech ego-c and the Greens, I like to mix my own flavors and also try different things but for a pre filled cartridge these are my go to currently.

Of course you might have different taste buds and you might like v2 or something else, I personally don’t mind V2 Red on occasion but the slight caramel after taste in Green Smokes Red is soo good in my opinion and also most of my friends who are trying it for the first time.


They aren’t perfect, sometimes I get juice in my mouth or taste burnt when getting low. The way they designed their battery is also the good and bad thing about them, while other companies allow the air flow to come between the cartridge and battery they have little air inlets at the tip of battery where it glows green. These can get clogged easily if you put the e-cig in your pocket without a case. What happened in my case, it come clogged and ended up staying on heating up in my pocket till it was extremely hot. I contacted them, and to my surprise they have lifetime warranty on the batteries. They sent me out a new battery as well as a pack of cartridges! sweet deal right.

I wish they would sell refills or the juice to use in other devices but that would be bad from their own marketing angle and probably can’t ensure the quality of course, so I understand why they don’t do it. It would be nice however to vape in my ego-c. Until then I’m trying to find something similar to vape on.

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What’s Inside:

Green Smoke offers us 6 different kit options.  Ranging from “I’m just starting and don’t want to spend too much” to those that are ready to switch to electronic cigarettes.

The following kits are available and range from $29.99 to $169.97;

Essentials Kit, $29.99

  • 1 Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Battery
  • 2 FlavorMax™ Cartomizers of your choice (Absolute Tobacco or Menthol Ice)
  • 1 USB Charger (impressive 8-10 hours of use between charges)

So this is the cheapest kit and most basic that is offered.  It comes with a rechargeable e-cig battery (which lasts up to 10 hours between charges) and 2 flavors (Absolute Tobacco or Menthol Ice)

Not bad for the individual that just wants to start out and unsure if this is something they will stick to.  Great bang for your dollar.


Express Kit, $59.97

  • e-cigarette battery (your choice of long or short)
  • 5 FlavorMaxTM cartomizers in your choice of flavors
  • 1 USB cigarette and 1 USB Home Charger Kit (includes charger plus wall adapter)
  • Green Smoke® user guide and member card – PLUS a FREE deluxe carrying case to carry them all in style

The next step up is the Express Kit which includes 1 e-cigarette battery (your choice of long or short), 5 cartomizers (8 flavor choices Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Mountain Clove, Red Label Tobacco, and Smooth Chocolate), 1 USB cigarette and 1 USB Home Charger Kit (includes charger plus wall adapter), Green Smoke® user guide and member card, and a deluxe carrying case (Not a PCC).

This is my package of choice.  You get an e-cig that can last up to 10 hours between charges and USB e-cig for when I’m sitting at my desk working.  Plus you get a variety of flavors and a carrying case for your e-cig and cartomizers, so that it’s not just bouncing around in your pockets.


Pro Kit, $99.97

  • Two long lasting, durable batteries
  • 10 of our FlavorMax™ Cartomizers
  • Carrying Case
  • USB cigarette.

Next up from Green Smoke is the Pro Kit.  It comes with two e-cig batteries, 10 cartomizers, a carrying case, and a USB cigarette.

This is great for those that are heavier smokers since it includes an extra e-cig battery and 5 extra cartomizers compared to the Green Smoke Express Kit.


Ultimate Kit, $129.97

  • Two long lasting, durable batteries plus an additional electronic cigarette battery
  • 10 of our FlavorMax™ Cartomizers
  • Carrying case
  • USB cigarette.
  • USB charger
  • A durable carrying case for your cartomizers and batteries.

The Ultimate Kit includes 3 batteries, 10 cartomizers, a USB cigarette, a USB charger, a carrying case, and a durable carrying case for your cartomizers and batteries.

If you haven’t guessed it, this is the “big boy” of kits that Green Smoke has to offer.  Compared to the last kit, you’ll get an extra battery and an additional durable carrying case.  Not bad for a $30 difference.


Love Birds Kit, $169.97

  • Four long lasting, durable batteries
  • 20 of our FlavorMax™ Cartomizers
  • 2 Carrying Case
  • 2 USB cigarettes

Lastly, the Love Birds Kit, which is essentially 2 Pro Kits, one for you and your partner.  What you’ll get is 4 batteries, 20 cartomizers, 2 USB cigarettes, 2 USB chargers, and 2 carrying cases in total.

I think these “couples kits” are awesome!  Who couldn’t use a little support when trying to kick that nasty smoking habit.  With this kit you can save almost $30 and in this day age, we are all trying make that dollar stretch as far as possible.

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