Green Smoke vs V2 Electronic Cigarettes

Hey guys, so another day of vaping discussion.

What’s better Green Smoke or V2 electronic cigarettes? My answer is usually the same thing.. Depends!


In terms of popularity V2 cigs are a lot more popular, below is a chart from  If you do not what what Alexa is; it’s basically a website that tracks the popularity of a website. The lower the number, they higher they are ranked in global traffic. According to Alexa, V2 cigs is extremely popular, signification more popular than Green smoke. So the answer of whats more popular is obviously V2 Cigs, but are they better? A lot of people will follow the trend and go with V2 because of the mass volume of ecigs they put out each year, they have a good reputation and deliver what they promise.Green smoke versus V2



One thing V2 Cigs has going for them is they have refillable juice, you can order their beta refillable cartridges and then just order your favorite v2 Red Juice or whatever and be on your way. This saves you a lot of money, but there are downsides with refilling the v2 blanks. For one they leak at least all the ones I’ve used. Secondly, they require maintenance because they get clogged easily, especially with darker mocha/coffee flavors. I’ll be sure to do a short video on cleaning them soon.  Green smoke, doesn’t sell refills or even ejuice. I WISH they did! My favorite flavor from Green Smoke is their Red tobacco, it’s not everyone’s favorite, because it doesn’t at all taste realistic like V2 Red but it’s an e-smoke. If I wanted a real cigarette I’d have one.  I prefer the way Green Smoke designed their system, they have the air inlet at the tip of the battery (see below) this allows for quite operation. But like with everything it has an issue. The damn thing gets clogged if you don’t keep your battery in a case or clear of dirt. Once that gets clogged it’s impossible in my experience to get it work right. I’ve also had an incident where my air inlet was clogged and it trips the automatic battery to stay on. This made heat up and almost burn a hole in my pocket. I contacted Green smoke and they replaced the battery within a week.

Both companies have lifetime warranties on their batteries, you can’t say that with many companies and so in my opinion they are great to deal with.

Flavorsgreen smoke flavors

In my personal opinion Green Smokes flavors are difficult to beat, they all have somewhat of a nutty/caramel finish that is hard to duplicate.

Take a look at the images below, obviously V2 has a bigger assortment of flavors. Some good, some really bad. V2 red isn’t bad, the V2 congress is one of the grossest flavors I’ve ever had. All the flavors from Green Smoke are better and produce more vapor and smoother throat hits from they air inlet system.



For this comparison, lets just price out what I would order my first time buying from these companies. They both have really cheap kits to start, with one battery and some samples but I would usually get the standard kits because of shipping time, if you get hooked one or the other, you don’t want to be having to wait for another order immediately. Plus, if you are buying this for a gift for a friend or family member. You don’t want to look cheap right :)

v2 standard kit

The V2 Standard Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 V2 Batteries
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual

So you get all this fun for a whooping $62 and change > click here to see the order page





HproKit_shadow_300x[1]ere is a pretty compatible Green Smoke starter kit

2 batteries of your choice, 10 tobacco flavored cartomizers, a USB cigarette, a USB charger and adapters.

Plus you get a free case, and the USB cigarette is sometimes useful sitting at your computer or in the car while you charge your battery.

All this for $99 but you save 10% by using this link to order


So, Green Smoke is a little more expensive but you get a little more in the kit as well. If you go the v2 Blanks route, you will save even more money.



The bottom line here is going to come to your preference, we can sit here all day analyzing battery voltages and cartimizer designs but you won’t know until you try. For one they are both better than Blu Cig ha in my opinion. Either or is a good choice to start in the world of vaping. My personal favorite is Green Smoke because of the flavors. If you are on a budget V2 is cheaper, even Bullsmoke is a good value choice and the flavors and design are similar to V2.

Check out a video from a friend of mine as he compares the two.