Bull Smoke E-Cig Review

Bull smoke City Slicker starter KitBull Smoke are not one of the biggest electronic cigarette companies out there but they definitely have a unique tough guy angle. Their customer service is fast, and product is overall good


Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. More Vapor. No Bull.

Electronic cigarette smoking is sweeping the world. Electronic cigarettes, also called the “e-cigarette,” allow user’s the pleasure of smoking without tar, odor, or ash. Bull Smoke’s appeal is world wide. Even the most active, demanding user’s of Bull Smoke batteries appreciate the rugged, durable design while sophisticated user’s accessorize with style by using a variety of white, chrome, black, or orange batteries – all available in manual or automatic draw and in three different lengths and power capabilities.

For the novice electronic cigarette aficionado, the electronic cigarette is easy to use. Inhale the e-cigarette cartridge of your choice with a charged electronic cigarette battery and your Bull Smoke product will create a vapor smoking sensation so real, you’ll forget it’s an electronic cigarette device!

Bull Smoke is known for a smooth draw and thick vapor.


Lets get this review rolling!


So I’ve been reading a lot about Bull Smoke on forums and hearing about from other ecig users that they are worth a try. There are a lot of companies out there selling the next best ecig but Bull Smoke took the tough guy angle instead of the futurist or green healthy angle so I thought that really set them apart.

I got my Bull smoke order in on Thursday and only paid $14.95 for shipping as it’s coming to Canada (only option). In the US you can choose either USPS First-Class or Fedex overnight

I ordered the City slicker kit for $29.95, I ordered it the same time as Green smoke and V2. I got Bull smoke in first! Off to a Good start.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the kit!


What do you get for the thirty bucks?

  • 10 Atomized Cartridges (18mg American ranger, Turkish, refined blend,  Menthol breeze, coffee roast, sweet vanilla, cherry blast, peppermint ice, chocolate treat and grape escape)
  • The Stubby Battery (A micro 65mm Bull Smoke battery that is significantly smaller than the other options. When attached to a cartridge, its size is comparable to that of a traditional King Size cigarette.) $14.95 Value
  • The Kentucky Battery (An extra-long 110mm Bull Smoke battery. Rated at 380 mAh, it delivers an industry leading 320 puffs per charge. This represents 50% more charge capacity than a full-size battery.) $14.95
  • Wall Adapter
  • Owners Manual
  • Express Charger

I have to really talk about the value Bull smoke batteries. Even if you like V2 better, you can interchange the batteries and for $14.95 the 380mAh is good deal compared to V2’s 380mAh $22.95. Bullsmoke also sells a five pack bringing down the cost to $11.99.

“The Bull Smoke battery is comprised of a 4.2 volt ion lithium pack inside each cylinder that keeps the cigarette always charged and ready for optimal use. This battery type is commonly used in such devices as smart phones, micro GPS units and many other high tech devices.”


Cartridge costs

$2.59 per cartridge (5 per pack)

Bulk prices if you order 5 packs or 25 cartridges cost comes down to $2.39, and $1.99 per cartridge for 10 packs of 5

verses my current favorite brand v2 starts at $2.07 per. and goes down to $1.56 for bulk


bullsmoke starter kit
Starter kit

Now that the technical and costs stuff is out of the way, because really you are going to pay for something you like not just because it’s a good deal. What I really like  about Bull smoke off the bat is their packaging. They obviously come from an internet marketing background. They have this wicked looking bull logo on everything and it even blows smoke out of it’s nose on the website! Everything comes in a nice look box with very easy to read instruction manual.

Any smart marketer knows that presentation is a huge part of customer experience when it comes to buyers remorse. How often have you bought something off the net just to get it 2 weeks late and all the boxes inside are squashed plus everything was just crammed in there. Right away you feel like “this was a mistake”. Not the case here. Everything that comes from Bull Smoke looks good, the cartridges seamlessly fit together, the batteries are good looking and last a good length of time. The ones I got were the black with blue lights, but the plain white with red tips are available as well.


Customer Support




I’d say about 30% of customer experience goes to customer support. and if that’s the case, Bull smoke is one of the best I’ve had to date so far. I sent in only one email and that was to get my tracking ID. They got that back to me within 30 minutes.  I’ve read differently in the past in forums that their experience was different, but that was over a year ago so I believe they are top notch now. They also shipped the same day I ordered, while others like V2 kept me waiting for 5 days then charged me an arm and a leg for express shipping.


What is in them?Bull smoke ingredients


Their cartridges contain water, nicotine (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg & 0mg strengths), propylene glycol (a water-based ingredient found in many medicines & health care products), tobacco flavoring, and other ingredients for flavor. NONE of the ingredients have been found to be carcinogenic.


Vapor Strength and Favor

Bull smoke vapor

I’ll add a video here soon as I get some time, but compared to the V2 they are similar.  Both e cigs have a good amount of vapor and the batteries are interchangeable with V2 because the construction and thread types are identical.  These types of batteries and cartridges are louder and “puff” faster than a brand like Green Smoke. So if you want a harsher throat hit rather than super smooth you will enjoy these. Both have notched cartridges allowing air to come in at the cartridge level where as my favorite Green Smoke allows the air to come in at the end of the e cig tip.

Notched Cartridges

Notched Cartridges


Party Time!



I actually took my starter kit to the lake last weekend (guys weekend party!) so it got a fair bit of use and not just from me. A lot of smokers, ex smokers and non smokers. A few got the cough off the first drag as these are strong especially the full traditional flavors like the American Ranger, but the menthol and flavored ones like coffee were being passed around our little blackjack game we had going on because of the pouring rain outside. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, since no one wanted to go outside to have a real cig. Mind as well Vapor up the trailer!

I personally like the American Ranger, coffee, peppermint and cherry ones. I didn’t care for the sweet vanilla, tasted like old grandma scented candles eww.





The general conciseness was Bull Smoke is a great electronic cigarette, it’s priced right, good arrangement of flavors and awesome customer support. It’s going to be my top 3 favorite right now. Green Smoke Red is still my go to but I’ll definitely vap the rest of the starter kit. I can definitely recommend Bull Smoke to anyone looking for a good value and quality product. They are one of the leaders in batteries currently. I did find my throat a bit sore the next day after partying it up all night so if you are looking for a thick dense vapor e cig with good value. Head on over to Bull Smoke and try their starter kit!


Here’s a little cheat sheet to nicotine levels.

24 mg (2.4% Nicotine Content) = comparable to “non filters”
18 mg (1.8% Nicotine Content) = comparable to “full flavored”
12 mg (1.2% Nicotine Content) = comparable to “lights”
  6 mg (0.6% Nicotine Content) = comparable to “ultra-lights”
  0 mg (0.0% Nicotine Content) = contains no nicotine.