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blu electronic cigarette … “Freedom to have a cigarette without the guilt” – Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny is actually the new face of blu electronic cigarettes.  She is also one of the new faces on ABC’s, The View

Another video from blu, Take Back Your Freedom with Stephen Dorff.

With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes or eCigs, some companies may get left behind because there are just so many manufacturers out there.  Not blu, blu focuses on strong marketing and innovation to help stay above its competition.


So what I got…

I picked up the Premium blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit and an extra 5-pack of the Java Jolt cartridges.

The kit was $79.95 and the extra 5-pack cartridges were $12.00. Click here to read about all the blu cig starter kits

blu Premium Starter Kit

The most popular kit from blu, The Premium blu eCig Starter Kit came with;

  • 1 New blu Premium e-cigarette pack with Social Features!
  • 2 blu batteries
  • 1 blu wall charger
  • 1 blu USB charger
  • 1 five-pack flavor cartridges, I picked Classic Tobacco.

eCig diagramThe eCig industry is saturated with manufactures that offer a similar product but with blu’s strong marketing, its innovative and sophisticated Premium e-cigarette pack (PCC or Portable Charging Case), I was sold!

What also surprised me was the feel of the shorter eCig battery.  I have tried different eCigs and all have had the longer battery, which to me, didn’t quite feel right compared to the blu shorty.  It felt better balanced, not too heavy and awkward.


Cartridge costs…

blu Java Jolt Cartridges1 Five Pack $12.00 ($2.40 per cartridge)

2 Five Packs $10.80 ea. ($2.16 per cartridge)

4 Five Packs $ 9.60 ea. ($1.92 per cartridge)

Not quite as cheap as the V2 brand which starts at only $2.07 per cartridge and if you go bulk it drops to only $1.56 per cartridge! (Please note: These filters are NOT interchangeable)

• One cartridge equals one pack of Cigarettes.

• Fits all Original and Premium Batteries.

• Same Size as Traditional Cigarette when Combined with Battery.

• One-Piece Design with Atomizer Built In.

• Filled with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice all flavors made in U.S.A. with domestic and imported ingredients.


The Look

blu Premium eCig Pack

The sleek and sophisticated look is what sold me on this product.  Not only that, but it’s simple and easy to use.  The cartridges have the built in atomizer so no need for another part that connects the battery to the atomizer then to the tank, instead just connect the battery to the cartridge of your flavor and go!  It’s as easy as one-two.  Speaking of cartridges, I like to have more than one flavor available to me when I am “out-and-about” and with the Premium e-Cigarette pack it allows me to carry up to 5 extra cartridges and an extra battery plus cartridge for a total of 6 different flavors if I wanted.  Plus the pack allows me to charge my eCig battery several times for days before I have to charge it.


Customer Support

Customer ServiceUnfortunately not everything went smoothly when I purchased the Premium blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit.  First off, the only retailer in my city was out-of-stock and when I asked about the pricing of the kit, there was about a 30% markup and to top it off, they wouldn’t include the 1 5-pack cartridge you’re supposed to get in the kit.  Instead, they insisted that I would have to buy the flavor cartridge separately, I didn’t even bother asking what the price was and how much you want to bet there was a markup on it as well.

Secondly, when shipping the kit here it was stuck at the local shipping office for a week before they finally were able to ship it to Canada.  It took about 2 weeks before I received the kit.  Compared to other eCig manufacturers which was within 5 days.


What is in them?

blu Cartridge Tech DiagramIngredients:

blu™ flavor cartridges are propylene glycol-free with six (6) key ingredients: distilled water, nicotine (when applicable), FCC grade vegetable glycerin, natural flavors, artificial flavors, and citric acid.


Nicotine Amounts by Strength:

High: Approximately 13-16mgMedium: Approximately 9-12mg

Low: Approximately 6-8mgNon-nicotine: 0mg



Vapor Strength and Flavor

Blue smokeblu has a good amount of vapor but without the throat hit.  I’ve tried Bull Smoke, Green Smoke, V2 but none are as smooth as blu.

Flavor wise, I’ve had 2 flavors so far, Classic Tobacco and Java Jolt and my favorite thus far is Java Jolt.  Don’t get me wrong Classic Tobacco is also good it doesn’t have the same aroma as the Java Jolt but still damn good.  I’ll definitely be ordering again from blu and hopefully there are no shipping issues this time around.  I’ll order a couple other flavors give them a shot and keep you up-to-date on everything!


Poker Night!

Poker NightI had a Poker game the other night with some friends and it was intense.  I don’t smoke inside my house so having the blu eCigs there was a life saver!  I’m a heavy smoker and so is another friend of mine and with the game being so intense no one wanted to take a smoke break.  We played several games that night and the blu eCigs kept the games rolling.  My friend also didn’t seem to have an urge or craving for a cigarette during the game.  He mentioned that “this is nice, I like it” and that there was no throat hit.  I think that blu definitely had a hand in my victory that night!  I didn’t have to stop for a break and lose my momentum at all.  Thanks blu!


Would I do it again?  Yes I would.  blu is now my new favorite eCig manufacturer.  blu has allowed me the freedom to have a smoke without feeling guilty.

blu is available in tens of thousands of retailers nationwide.  They got 24/7 customer service. Free shipping and a 1 year warranty.  If you’re lucky enough to have a retailer near you, I suggest making the switch to blu or pick up any one of their starter kits to take back your freedom!