Electronic Cigarette Brand Reviews

This page is dedicated to building the best list of 2013 liquid and cartridge e cigs. Comparing starter kits, battery life, quality of build and overall satisfaction.


Electronic Cigarette brands are popping up just about everywhere you look now a day and we are just a group of avid electronic cigarette lover’s doing our best to spread the word on what we believe is a healthier alternative to smoking.

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David’s current favorite:

V2 Red


Derek’s favorite:

Green Smoke Red Label Full

V2 Coffee Med


John’s favorite:

blu cig Premium Starter Kit with Java Jolt flavor cartridges

South Beach Smoke


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Best Value

Bull Smoke Review


Best Flavor/vapor

Green Smoke Red – Cartridge


Most Popular

V2 Cigs -Cartridge


Best Liquid E cigarette

Joytech Ego C


Hot Trendy Flavors – Liquids

Halo Tiki Juice

Halo Malibu Menthol