Halo Tiki Juice Review

Hhalo-tikiello hello everyone and here we are again! You might recall from my last review that I’d gotten the sampler pack from Halo e-cigarette juices and that meant I got six little samples of their flavor offerings. I already took a look at the Menthol flavor and decided for today to go tropical with their Tiki juice. Was my experience a tropical one or a dud?

Packaging: 10/10

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Just tossing it out there again: the packaging on the sampler pack at least was pretty cool. I got it quickly and it arrived in a tin wrapped snugly in a corrugated cardboard container rather than bubble wrap and a baggy. The bottles are fitted in foam in the tin so they really are protected from the usual bumps and knocks that all parcels undergo. The bottles are labeled with logo, amount of juice, nicotine level, best before date and their lot number so you can clearly see what you’re getting. Maybe packaging doesn’t matter to you, but I always look at it as an indication of how much the manufacturer cares about the product and its pretty clear from this that Halo cares a lot.

Vapor: 8/10

The next thing to know before we dig into the flavor and so on is that this is largely a PG juice meaning that it has more Propylene Glycol, but it’s mixed with VG, probably at an 80/20 PG/VG ratio. This gives you a good vapor production, but not the best one; you get a cloud, but it very quickly disappears, leaving a scent behind more than a cloud. If you’re looking for a strong, long lasting cloud, this one won’t do it for you. If you don’t mind losing your cloud and having only the scent remain as some sort of phantom, then this might be a better fit. I don’t judge either way!

Flavor: 8/10

Ah, here’s where we get to the meat of things. Halo advertises this juice as being a spiced tobacco base with sweet tropical top notes and a hint of menthol base, giving you a blend of tobacco and desert flavors. Ok, so what does that mean?

Although you may think ‘summer’ with a Tiki blend, this was more like a Christmas blend as the spicy flavor reminded me more of cloves and nutmeg with sweetness tinting it, kind of like a spice cookie or a Christmas ham. (I guess the ham is a bit reminiscent of something ‘Tiki’?) Either way, it’s not an overpowering flavor and it’s a very interesting combination that is quite unlike most others seen on the market today. I’d suggest using it as a ‘desert’ smoke; something you have after a good meal.

Throat Hit: 9/10

The throat hit in the Tiki juice is good; it got me in all the right places and I wasn’t coughing or feeling as though I needed to jam a stick down my throat to relieve an itch. What was kind of nice about this vapor is that when you exhale, you’re left with a nice spicy odor that is quite pleasing, even if it did make me crave cookies!

Value: 9/10

Like the Menthol, this sampler was good value for the money and if you’re looking at getting a full blown version, you’re looking at $20.00 for a 30mL bottle. It might seem a bit high, but you do get top of the line packaging, a great product and it’s all professionally done, meaning you’re getting a high end product. To me, that means I’m getting good value for the money, but you ay feel differently.

The Halo Tiki Juice is probably not going to be my every day juice (or else I’ll gain like thirty pounds indulging cookie and ham cravings!), but it is a great one for after dinners or for special occasions, particularly getting into the fall and winter. It’s definitely one I’d recommend for people who want something different in their usual juicing menu and have a sweet and spicy tooth. It’s definitely worth a try and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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