What Should You Look for In an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Making the switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? Then the first thing you’ll be looking for are electronic cigarette starter kits to help you get everything you need to start using these products all in one place. There are usually a few different types of e-cigarette kits out there, […] Read more »

The Dangers of Modified Electronic Cigarettes

E cig mod

When you have any sort of product or service, you’ll invariably end up with a sub-culture of users who like to tweak the product to fit their needs better. Plenty of video games have this sub-culture, as do cooks, seamstresses and pretty well any other group! Electronic cigarette users are […] Read more »

Which Celebrities Use E-Cigs

If there’s a bandwagon, you can be sure that the people leading it and jumping on it, at least to begin with, will be the celebrities-the musicians, bands, and actors who have the ability to access new gimmicks, tools and trends more easily than the common layman. And electronic cigarettes […] Read more »

The Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been marketed over the past several years as being a healthier alternative to smoking the conventional cigarettes. This is because they have been heavily marketed as not containing many of the toxins found in the tobacco of cigarettes; the fact that nothing was actually lit on fire […] Read more »