What Should You Look for In an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Green smoke starter kitMaking the switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? Then the first thing you’ll be looking for are electronic cigarette starter kits to help you get everything you need to start using these products all in one place. There are usually a few different types of e-cigarette kits out there, so what should you be looking for when you’re getting started?

What do Most Kits Include?

Any sort of electronic cigarette starter kit, from the ones for a light smoker to the ones for the heavy ones will include the following:

  • E-cigarette pack

  • Batteries

  • Cartridges (flavored or unflavored)

  • A charger (either wall or USB or both or a car adaptor)

  • A USB Cigarette

Of course, different kits may include different numbers of these things and different types of these things, so the next important thing to do is figure out your lifestyle and what you’ll need out of your electronic cigarettes!

Your Lifestyle as a Smoker

The next thing when shopping for a starter kit is to figure out what kind of smoker you are because this will decide what kind of kit you want. If you’re a light smoker, then you probably only need a small kit-one with one battery that can be charged overnight. If you’re a heavier smoker, then you may want a kit with at least two batteries so that you can go throughout the day without running out of juice and if you are a very heavy smoker, then you should probably opt for a kit with multiple batteries and multiple chargers so that one batter is always charging while you’re using another one.

It’s also important to keep track of your smoking routine. If you travel a lot by bus, then you’ll want more batteries, but if you drive a lot, then getting a car adapter may be helpful. If you’re inside a lot, a wall adapter will be fine whereas if you’re on the computer a lot, then a USB charge will work fine. If you’re not sure what you’re going to do from day to day, then opt for a kit with all three just to keep you covered!

Keep in mind that the more which is included in the kit, the more expensive it will be. If you’re having trouble with your cash flow, you may want to opt for a more affordable kit and just keep an eye on your battery life!

Green Smoke Electronic cigarette starter kits are the things which will help you move from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones. They include everything you need to start and maintain your new habit in one easy place and you have plenty of options when it comes to cartridges, chargers and of course, the cigarettes themselves. Do a bit of research and figure out what you need from your kit and then enjoy!

The Dangers of Modified Electronic Cigarettes

When you have any sort of product or service, you’ll invariably end up with a sub-culture of users who like to tweak the product to fit their needs better. Plenty of video games have this sub-culture, as do cooks, seamstresses and pretty well any other group! Electronic cigarette users are no different; while there are many who purchase from reputable companies, there are also those who create their own ‘modded’ e-cigarettes because it’s cheaper to do.

How Modified E-Cigarettes Work

People create Mod E-cigarettes to bring down the cost of the product. They do this by purchasing individual pieces of the e-cigs online (usually from China) and then assemble and smoke the modified e-cigarette themselves. You can also create your own e-cigarette ‘juice’ to create custom flavors or simply make a more custom e-cig that is truly your own.

The Dangers of Modded E-Cigarettes

It sounds good on paper, but modified e-cigarettes have some problems. The big problem is that they aren’t being built with any sort of safety standard in mind or any standards at all; instead, you’re building them yourself and if you do something wrong, they could-quite literally-blow up in your face. Most people who discuss the creation of e-cigs state quite clearly that people who make them do so at their own risk.

Certainly you can learn how to make e-cigarettes on your own; there are plenty of resources out there to teach you. However, unless you do it just right, you can end up with a product that doesn’t work or can even poison you. And of course, if something goes wrong, there is no one to complain to or any help for you.

Electronic cigarettes aren’t all that expensive anyway and more flavors are coming out all of the time. It’s worth your health to pay a few extra dollars for an e-cigarette that will work as advertised like Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, won’t risk your health and has been fully tested. It may be fun to create your own products and create your own liquids, but the fact is that it is still far safer to go with a reputable company, not to save a few bucks and make your own.

Boosting Productivity While Smoking

productivityThis may sound faintly oxymoronic to you, but you can boost your productivity and still smoke at the same time.

Forget oxymoronic, it may sound impossible, to both smokers and non-smokers alike. After all, the conventional smoker spends a lot of time on their habit; they have to leave their workplace to smoke, leave the bar, leave their homes to smoke, they have to walk to work to smoke and they have to leave restaurants to smoke. All of this time bouncing between outside and inside just to smoke costs the average smoker more than an hour per day; 2000 hours a year or five working weeks! And that was for typical smokers; heavy smokers double that time and then some. This is why the productive smoker seems oxymoronic (and then impossible).

But it is possible now and that’s by using cigarettes which don’t create a lot of pollution, don’t cause health problems for people around you, don’t smell awful and don’t make a mess. The answer here is electronic cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes can save you a lot of time (and money!) which can be put towards things like work, hobbies, socializing, and other aspects of your life. By switching over to e-cigs, you can take back those five working weeks a year and redirect them towards something more productive. No more dashing outside for a smoke, no more taking extra time in public transit to make sure you have time for a smoke before the bus arrives and no more ducking out on your friends for a smoke.

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked in many indoor places because they are safer to be around and cleaner. You can ‘light up’ at your desk and keep working which can help you get more out of your job or you can visit your friends and family and not have to cut things short, cementing your relationships.

Still not convinced? I have one more argument for you:

No more standing outside in the rain or snow to have a smoke while traveling.

I knew that one would get you!

So if you’re a smoker and you want to improve your productivity, improve relationships and stop freezing to death for the sake of a little stick, make the switch to electronic cigarettes like Green Smoke and see how they can help you get more out of life.

Why are Electronic Cigarettes Better than Conventional Ones?

Electronic cigarettes have become more popular over the past few years as they have become more widely used, more companies are jumping on board creating them and things like smoking legislation are making it much harder for smokers to indulge in their habit! Electronic cigarettes may have their problems-notably the fact that many of them are not standardized and there little legislation over how they are manufactured-but they also have several advantages. Why are electronic cigarettes considered to be so much better than conventional ones even taking into account problems in manufacturing?

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  1. Clean


One of the big advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are clean; they have no odor, there are no ash and cigarette burns to worry about and there are few, if any, pollutants clogging up the air around smokers. There is no fear of having a house or car or clothing smell disgusting, no ash piles lying around and no burns to worry about.


  1. Convenient

If you’re a smoker, you’ve seen them: No Smoking Signs. And they are growing in number as more and more businesses are making sure to minimize the impact smokers have on those who don’t smoke. And this is all very fine and well, but it makes it hard for smokers to get around. Electronic cigarettes get rid of this problem; they are (generally) legal to smoke just about anywhere at the moment and they are safer to be around. But you may want to make sure that the people who own the business know that you are smoking e-cigs and not real ones because at first glance, they look awfully real.


  1. Price


Electronic cigarettes are simply cheaper than their conventional counterparts. Depending on which brand you go for, you can save thousands of dollars a year. This is because electronic cigarettes use rechargeable batteries which can last hundreds and thousands of hours and all you have to replace are the canisters which have the fluid that turns to vapor when you light the LED. Some packs for example have cigarettes that alone are worth a pack in terms of puff numbers. So, if you’ve been buying smokes at $12.00 a pop and you switch to e-cigs, you are effectively paying about as little as one sixth that.


  1. Flavor

No more flavor of ash and smoke; instead, many e-cigs have other flavors. As of 2011 and beyond, companies came out with other flavors including mint, chocolate and butter rum. Or you can just opt for a rich flavored e-cigarette; whatever floats your boat. Either way, you can get a product that doesn’t taste like nicotine!


Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity and with all of these advantages, one can certainly see why. Still, it’s important to shop around and find e-cigarettes that fit your needs and your preferences. There are plenty to choose from nowadays and that means you have options, so take advantage of them and take smoking to a safer place. Enjoy!

Which Celebrities Use E-Cigs

If there’s a bandwagon, you can be sure that the people leading it and jumping on it, at least to begin with, will be the celebrities-the musicians, bands, and actors who have the ability to access new gimmicks, tools and trends more easily than the common layman. And electronic cigarettes are no different. E-cigs debuted in the world in about 2006 and now it is believed that sales could reach $2 billion by the end of the year with some analysts believing that within a generation, they will completely eclipse tobacco as the new way to get a nicotine fix. And the average consumer is hardly the only one being targeted; celebrities of all names and flavors are seen sporting their e-cig devices too, with some of them hopping on board quite early on and others seeing them as a safe alternative to tobacco and a way to avoid social stigma, particularly those with kids. Plenty of celebrities have been caught on camera lighting up, usually for a variety of reasons.


Starting-and Stopping-Controversy


katherine Heigl ecigWay back in 2008, Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up), kicked up a small stink in the gossip headlines when she lit up on the Late Show with David Letterman. At the time, it was seen as something good for the gossip mills to chew over; e-cigs were still pretty new. Fast forward to later years and we see Britney Spears smoking one in lieu of the more dangerous tobacco which she was smoking around her kids and causing a stink over. With e-cigs, she doesn’t have to worry about her smoking habits causing gossip mills to explode anyway. Other parents who have kicked tobacco to the curb include Kevin Federline (Spears’ ex-husband).britneyspears with e cig


Gotta Quit


While many critics of electronic cigarettes point out that despite marketing, they are rarely used to quit smoking outright but instead to replace tobacco in places where they are not allowed to Lindsey Lohansmoke or to cut down on tobacco use (and this is true enough for many smokers), there are some celebs who are using them to quit tobacco altogether. These include Simon Cowell who swapped his love of tobacco for a love of vaping in order to kick the bad habit. Lindsay Lohan has also been spotted using them while under house arrest and working on improving her health.


They Made Me Do It!


leogreensmokeSome celebrities have gotten into electronic cigarettes because others have given it to them and got them ‘hooked’. For example, Leondardo DiCaprio has been using Green Smoke for a few years now and was roped into them when he was given one at the British Film Awards. Isla Fisher and Bradley Cooper were introduced to them at the 2013 Oscars by Zoe Kravitz.


Building a Business of Them


Some celebs aren’t content to simply use their devices, some are marketing them and others are building their own brands. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have been taking the pages out of the playbook of marketing strategies for decades; get the most visible people in society on your side and you get society on your side. The problem of marketing is one for another day; suffice to say that e-cigs are perfectly free to advertise on places like television, billboards and become sponsors of sports. For example, NJOY and Blu Ecigs advertise on television, LOGIC has mobile billboards and Swisher International sponsors race cards and the World Series of Poker. And they use celebrities as well. For example, Courtney Love took part in an advertising campaign for NJOY; a televised ad which saw her vaping at an indoor event. Jose Canseco advertises with Smoking Everywhere and is a proud user of electronic cigarettes in general.

courtney love

Other celebs aren’t content to simply shill for their favorite brands; they are making their own. For example, Charlie Sheen unveiled his own company NicoSheen which sells e-cigarettes with his face on the packaging.


Flavored Brands


Although there are many, many brands of ecigs out there, there are some favored few that float to the top. They are favored because they look good, don’t smell bad, don’t make a mess, are easy to use and can satisfy the nicotine craving. These flavored ones include:



Of course, there are countless other brands out there now and more growing all the time, but these five are considered to be some of the better ones and are most likely to be used by a variety of celebs.


Does this mean that you should race out and buy electronic cigarettes? Well, to pull out an old saying, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Although e-cigs are snapping up the attention of actors, musicians and stars, this does not necessarily mean they are right for you or right at all. It’s important to do your own research, understand your own needs, and do what you can to take care of your health. Still, it’s interesting to see how many celebrities have hopped onto this particular bandwagon and their reasons for doing it.














Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic cigarettes broke into the scene a few years ago and were marketed as a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes. They were geared both towards smokers with no intention of quitting and towards those who were aiming to quit, but were having a hard time using things like the patches and gum. Nowadays, with big tobacco companies breathing down their necks, the FDA worried about quality standards and more companies hitting the market, the savvy consumer should not only be treating these as the ‘little guy’ which is worth defending against the big evil companies, but should also be looking at how useful they actually are, especially in terms of safety. Are e-cigarettes ‘safe’? How safe is safe?


What are Electronic Cigarettes?

schematic of ecig Electronic cigarettes are devices which came out of China several years ago. They work by heating a capsule of liquid nicotine into a vapor which is then breathed into the lungs and exhaled largely as water vapor. Many other electronic cigarettes don’t have nicotine at all; they simply deliver the sensation of smoking through water vapor. Most of them have flavors like mint or bubble gum or they can be just be straight up, what you see is what you get.


The idea behind them was to let smokers get their hit of nicotine or get the sensation of smoking without all of the damaging chemicals that come from using the traditional rolled cigarettes. Since taking off overseas, the industry has racked in over $10 billion and is due to spike in the coming years as more smokers come around to the idea of using an LED lighted tip with nicotine on the inside instead of using the usual rolled smokes. Indeed, some investors predict that rolled cigarettes will go ‘extinct’ in the next generation or two.


So Are they Safe to Use?


When compared to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are absolutely the safer of the two. Consider:


  • Conventional Cigarettes release over four thousand chemicals through the combustion of tobacco and at least 250 of them are harmful to humans. These include tar, arsenic, benzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, and Chromium VI. These chemicals are linked to cancers of a wide variety
  • Conventional cigarettes force you to inhale carbon monoxide which is a chemical compound that limits the amount of oxygen your red blood cells can carry. It can also increase cholesterol levels. The combination causes problems with the heart and other organs, including the brain.
  • Second hand smoke from cigarettes also causes a serious health hazard to children and non-smoking adults; for example, women exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to have low birth weight babies, people around smokers regularly have a greater risk of heart disease and higher blood pressure.
  • Conventional smokes smell bad, damage your teeth and mouth, can cause problems with eating, and may promote other bad habits including drug use and drinking. This is HIGHLY dependent on the person however.


Electronic cigarettes really don’t have any of these problems since you’re either smoking nicotine or nothing really at all.


All right, so if we look at the straight across comparison, electronic cigarettes certainly do come out on top. They don’t have second hand smoke problems, they don’t even have 250 chemicals in them, let alone 250 dangerous ones and they don’t force you to inhale carbon monoxide. So why are they being banned in many European countries and why is the FDA cracking down on them?


The Great Unknown


It’s not because we know that electronic cigarettes are dangerous-it’s because we don’t know where they fall in the dangerous spectrum and that’s why they are being treated with a certain amount of wariness. One of the big concerns of electronic cigarettes is not that they are dangerous, but rather that they have yet to be regulated by any sort of neutral(ish) health board. This means that there is no real quality standard under which these products are scrutinized and that means that the product is very much buyer beware. The other concern is that while we know the impacts of things like nicotine patches and gum, we don’t know the whole story behind vaping nicotine.


Here is the best case scenario: the normal, nicotine filled electronic cigarette has, well, nicotine in it. Nicotine is a chemical substance classified as a liquid alkaloid, made from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sometimes oxygen. Sound familiar? Your morning cup of coffee has these things too! And good luck prying that cup out of my hands!Coffee-coffee


Nicotine makes up about 5% of the average tobacco plant and cigarettes hold between eight and twenty milligrams with 1 mg absorbed by the body per cigarette. Nicotine is known for causing feelings of invigoration, relaxation, euphoria and contentment which is why people smoke them up. It also causes a rapid release of adrenaline and causes the body to block the release of insulin and increases your basal metabolic rate a little. What’s interesting about all of these health effects is that many of the effects of nicotine are similar to things like caffeine, including euphoria and invigoration, so many advocates of electronic cigarettes point out that if one is legal and fine to use, so should be the other!


On the other hand, we don’t yet know what the full effects of inhaling nearly pure nicotine on a regular basis will be. We know the impacts of nicotine cut with other substances, but pure nicotine is as yet unbroken ground; it’s just not something that has been done in recent years. This is one of the primary concerns of medical practitioners who discuss the use of e-cigarettes with patients.


And really, this is the best case scenario; the reality is that without regulation, there are risks to using electronic cigarettes. You should also always buy from a reputable source like our favorite Green Smoke because less reputable brands may contain far too much nicotine or even nicotine in products marked as being free from it. So, it’s a buyer’s beware market and you really have to be sensible about purchasing from the right manufacturers in order to stay safe.


Other concerns include the fact that because they are marketed with flavors like chocolate and mint that they could attract the attention of children and non-smokers. It’s worth pointing out that as yet there are no cases of children becoming smokers because of these devices, but it’s still a common concern that comes up when discussing whether or not electronic cigarettes should be banned and where they should be banned. ( I’ve personally left mine out which has a cherry flavor cartridge and had to explain to my four year old it’s not candy but for adults only).


There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are far, vastly safer than their conventional cigarette counterparts. Most reputable brands only have a handful of FDA approved ingredients, the second hand smoke is nonexistent, and they are far less damaging if not nearly zero damage to the body than the normal tobacco.  On the other hand, you do have to be careful to only buy from a reputable brand; you should be mindful of the effects of nicotine on your body and make sure to keep the device away from children! If you are not going to quit smoking, but you would prefer a healthier alternative, then e-cigs may be the way to go with them; if you’re looking to quit altogether, they may not be the best method out there. as chances are you will want to continue using them. But if you want something safer to smoke around yourself and others, electronic cigarettes seem to be the best way to go. Either way, good luck!

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The Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

dangers of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been marketed over the past several years as being a healthier alternative to smoking the conventional cigarettes. This is because they have been heavily marketed as not containing many of the toxins found in the tobacco of cigarettes; the fact that nothing was actually lit on fire means that fewer toxins are released. For those who are trying to quit, e-cigarettes are seen as a viable tool to help them quit, particularly for those who have had problems with things like gum, patches and quitting cold turkey. However, like anything in life, e-cigs have their share of side effects and these issues are worth knowing about if you want to understand all of your options.


Known Side Effects


While e-cigs are seen as a healthy alternative, it is important to note that several side effects are known. How serious they are is a whole other matter and depends largely on how many e-cigs you down in a day and where you buy them.


  • Has a strong effect on the heart, ramping up the chances of heart disease and heart attacks. Nicotine is the culprit here; in the cases of lung diseases, problems there are caused by the tar in cigarettes which is where electronic cigarettes have them beat. But it’s also worth pointing out that caffeine also has an impact on the heart and I don’t see many people advocating an end to coffee drinking!
  • If the e-cigarette is broken, harmful components are released
  • Some contain a component found in anti-freeze which can be very damaging to one’s health. Again though, it’s worth noting that this only happens if you are exposed to a great deal of the component over a long period of time. Furthermore, at least one study discovered that the amount was to the tune of 1% which isn’t really harmful at all. Still, it’s worth noting.
  • Many also contain Tetramethylpyrazine which has been traced to causing brain damage. Many other products don’t; this is mostly a matter of quality control and again, unless you are using them to excess, this may not cause a problem anyway.


These are the known side effects of electronic cigarettes. There are plenty of unknowns, including how much nicotine is found in one brand or another, what other substances have been snuck into the product and, since they’ve only been out for half a dozen years or so, what the long-term health effects will be on users.


New Studies Into Electronic Cigarettes Reveals…


One of the big problems that electronic cigarettes have for discerning users is that very little study was ever done into the side effects and actual chemicals found in the products. While makers claim that they are nearly pure nicotine, a little bit of digging quickly revealed that many manufacturers put other things into the e-cigs; even nicotine placed in products which were marketed as being free from the substance!


But even in cases where the e-cigs do have as advertised, a big problem lies in quantity. Since electronic cigarettes are not regulated, there is no standard by which these products can be measured. This leads to many e-cigs having far too much nicotine in them which can cause a range of health issues. And because of the lack of regulation, you just never know what you’ll find: studies done a few years ago found all kinds of toxic ingredients including diethylene glycol-a substance used in antifreeze.


Other studies are also being conducted into just what kind of effect breathing vaporized nicotine has on the body. Researchers at UTSA will be spending the next year conducting research into what effects vaporized nicotine has on the human body since such a thing has yet to be done. Scholars are working with the idea that it may cause problems with the nervous system. This impacts daily living by increasing metabolism, causing trouble with exercise, prevents the cardiovascular system from regulating arterial pressure and decreases the brain’s ability to regulate blood flow. We don’t know if this is true yet, but this study will look into these possibly side effects. It will also look at the broader complications physiologically speaking and other public health concerns. Of course these studies alone won’t do it; once the findings are gathered, more precise work will be done into looking at dosages (how much is too much), how age impacts the user and other long-term effects.


The bottom line is that one of the big problems with ‘vaping’ is that there is just not enough information about them yet. There is very little regulation on what should be in the products and how much is too much of something. There is little manufacturing oversight and the FDA is still torn on what to label the projects as. So, the bottom line is that the side effect of electronic cigarettes is that we don’t know the full side effect list yet.


Compared to Conventional Cigarettes

cigarette side effects

Every new (or newish) product has unknown factors; it’s the nature of the beast when you are working with something that hasn’t even been out for a decade yet. Electronic cigarettes have their risk factors and things which we just cannot predict just yet. However, we do know the dangers of conventional cigarettes. The combustion of the tobacco found in rolled smokes include:


  • The release of over 1,000 chemicals, many of them related to tar. These chemicals cause damage to the lungs, cardiovascular system, and brain. They also cause oral health problems, bad odor, sleeping issues (for some users), food issues, and can become a gateway to other substance abuse, though again it’s worth nothing that this is dependent on the user, not on the product
  • The release of second hand smoke by conventional cigarettes is nearly as hazardous to those around the smoker as they are to the smoker. For example, in marriages where on partner smokes and the other one doesn’t, the other partner still has a vastly reduced lung capacity, no matter how active he or she is. It also causes a great deal of damage to children.
  • Smoking shortens life spans; it’s estimated that for every cigarette you puff, you shorten your life by about 11 minutes. Quitting greatly improves your life span again.
  • Smoking causes an estimated 90% of lung cancer deaths in men and 80% in women
  • Increases the risk of coronary heart disease by between 2 and 4 times
  • Smoking has been linked to almost a dozen forms of cancer, including kidney, lung, mouth, pancreas, stomach and bladder
  • Linked to infertility, stillbirth, SIDS, and low birth weight and lower bone density in women.


When compared to the few worries about nicotine amounts in electronic cigarettes and the risks of other toxins sneaking in (and in smaller amounts), it’s no wonder that more users are agitating for greater electronic cigarette use over the conventional ones! And for every doctor who recommends the patch or gum, there’s another one saying the electronic cigarettes could be a good way to go instead of using these products, particularly if you have problems with them.


Many who do use these products are relieved to do so; they find that they can smoke less using them; they feel that there are too many chemicals in the ‘real’ cigarettes and some may find that quitting is easier to do while using these as a transitional tool. Most other smokers though simply prefer electronic cigarettes because they pack far less of a punch on the system than conventional cigarettes; none of the risks of conventional cigarettes are found in electronic cigarettes-it’s simply the health effect of nicotine.


Electronic cigarettes are a great tool for smokers to use if they want to break the conventional cigarette habit. They have far fewer chemicals released than the usual smokes, they are generally safer to be around, and they come in nice flavors which mean less of a stink. On the other hand, we don’t yet know what the health affects of regular electronic cigarettes are yet; there just aren’t enough conclusive studies out there yet and they haven’t been out long enough to see what long term health effects will be. If you are simply looking to get your nicotine fix, then electronic cigarettes are probably the best way to go because we know they don’t release over a thousand toxic chemicals! But if you’re looking to quit altogether, these devices probably won’t do it for you and you’re better quitting cold turkey, using therapy or finding other means. Good luck!

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